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The Buffalo is equipped with durable bogie axles and wide balloon tyres. Its weight distribution across eight tyres lowers the ground pressure and reduces ground damage. This, combined with the Buffalo's excellent manoeuvrability, also makes it a good choice for thinning sites.

Ponsse Buffalo

The Buffalo's strong K90 loader provides massive force for loading. The construction of the K90 loader is based on technical solutions which have proven reliable through the years. Its 10 metre reach and seamless control increase the machine's productivity. The loader's strength is especially suitable for work on sloping terrain and for processing large trunks.

In the design of the Buffalo, particular attention has been paid to the cooling and filtering of the hydraulic oil. A dedicated pump provides a continuous cooling and filtering cycle for the hydraulic oil, regardless of machine movements. Thanks to this system, the oil is kept extremely clean and the temperature remains optimal under all conditions. Minimising pressure loss throughout the system lowers fuel consumption even more.

Length: 9395 - 11250 mm
Width: 2670 / 2810 / 2960 mm
Height: 3750 mm
Ground clearance: 700 mm
Netweight: 15 900 kg (depends on equipement)

Model: MB OM 906 LA
Power: 205 kW
Torque: 900 Nm/ 1 200 - 1 500 U/min
Tractive force: 180 kN
Drive speed: Gear 1 = 0 - 9 km/h
Gear 2 = 0 - 20 km/h
Fuel tank capasity: 200 l

Both axles are of the bogie type with gear wheel reduction and are
equipped with planetary gears and differential locks.

Front: 600 - 26,5 or 700 - 26,6
Back: 600 - 26,5 or 700 - 26,5

Drive brake: Hydraulic multi-disc brakes, front and rear
Parking break: Spring loaded
Working break: Acts on front and rear brakes

  Tilting safety cab
Meets all required safety standards
Window: Polycarbonate
Seat: Bege 9000 SE seat with head support, Air conditioner

Grab bucket
Type: Ponsse, Vahva, Granab, Huldtins, Loglift

Standard equipment
  • OptiControl system
  • Odometer
  • Rear light
  • Pressure gauge
  • Engine block heater
  • Seat heater
  • Radio/CD player
  • 2 dry powder fire extinguishers
  • Vacuum pump
  • Hydraulic steps
  • Mini handles
Load capacity
Load space cross-section: 4,5 - 5,4 m2
Load space length: 4240 - 6100 mm

  • Hydrostatic-mechanical power transmission
  • 2 speed ranges forward and backward
  • Electronic drive automatics,
    Rear drive release
  • Differential lock:  mechanical on both bogies

Hydraulic system

Crane pump:

145 cm3
Hydraulic oil tank volume: 130 l
Pump capacity:

232 l/min at 1600 U/min

  • PONSSE OptiControlTM system with load-sensing crane system.
  • Separate filtering and cooling



Mini-steering wheel / stepless pushbutton control
steering angle: +44
Outer turning radius: 7,8 m

Electrical system
Voltage: 24 V
Batteries: 2 x 180 Ah
Alternator: 2 x 80 A
Working lights: max 28 x 70 W

Type Ponsse K 70 Ponsse K90
Reach: 7,8 m (model S)
9,1 m (model M)
7,8 m (model S)
10,0 m (model M)
Lifting moment: 106 kNm 124 kNm
Turning moment: 24 kNm 30 kNm
Turning angle: 380 360
Optional K 100

Optional equipment

In addition to the versatile range of standard accessories included in PONSSE Buffalo, a wide list of other accessories is available. Ask your closest dealer for more information